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I am reading from multiple channels on my cRIO and would like to send all of this data to my RT host to be processed, but want to make sure that all of the data is synchronized. How can I do this?

I need to find the serial number or system tag of my NIhardware, software, or system. My serial number provided is not working. How do I check what my serial number should be?

Whenever I reboot my Real-Time controller, the executable runs automatically at startup. What methods can be used to remove the executable, or stop it from running automatically?

When deploying a system based on CompactRIO, you may be considering using a power supply that provides only the required power output instead of the maximum output possible for a controller. To do this, ...

Every hour and a half of running my Real-Time code I get the following error: (Hex 0x661) The LabVIEW Real-Time process encountered an error and restarted automatically.

I am using the Azure cloud to store system data collected from my real-time targets. I see that there is a LabVIEW Cloud Toolkit already made to work with Azure, will this work on my real-time device running ...

I have two targets a Real Time controller and an FPGA. Additional to that I have an external device that is sharing data through ethernet. I would like to read the ethernet data directly on the FPGA.

I ordered a cDAQ/cRIO chassis. Does it include a power supply? What if I want to power the chassis with a separate power supply? I am currently ordering a cDAQ/cRIO chassis. What power supply accessory ...

I have several cDAQ chassis and a cRIO chassis with DAQmx functionality (e.g. cRIO-904x). Can I have these chassis on the same DAQmx task?

I wish to use a C Series PROFIBUS Interface module with my compactRIO. How can I confirm if my compactRIO supports the module ?

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