Providing testing companies with more test channels, reduced test time, and improved performance so equipment manufacturers can meet the industrial demand for microelectromechanical sensors (MEMS).

Replacing existing benchtop equipment with a fully automatic measurement system to accurately characterize analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) to improve quality, reduce costs, and shorten test development ...

Designing an automated test system for functional and parametric control of static and dynamic parameters of high-power IGBT and MOSFET transistors.

Developing a system for automated testing of peripheral software that does not require considerable investment into a specialized test hardware infrastructure and does not require continuous upgrading ...

Identifying a cost effective solution for performing fixture test and repair in line with manufacturing flow that requires minimum overhead and does not affect ATE productivity.

Reducing the test time, test system footprint, and overall cost for final-stage wafer- level testing of microelectromechanical systems (MEMs) inertial sensors while maintaining measurement quality.

Designing and implementing a custom functional test system for producing many types of semiconductor hybrids. The system should provide a flexible test architecture, easy-to-use development environment, ...

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