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This document explains how to install the application and NI-DAQmx driver software, set up your PCI/PCI Express DAQ device, confirm the device is operating properly, and take your first measurement.

The DAQ Getting Started Guide describes how to confirm your NI data acquisition (DAQ) device is operating properly using the Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX), configuring a task using the DAQ Assistant, ...

This document lists specifications for the NI 651x devices. These specifications are typical at 25 °C unless otherwise noted.

Signal Descriptions Signal Direction Description P0.<0..7> Input Port 0 Digital Input Channels—Data lines for port 0. The inputs are isolated from the outputs. P1.<0..7> Input Port 1 Digital Input Channels—Data ...

This page documents all the applicable standards and certifications for the PCI-6518 and provides downloadable certifications.

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