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I have a C series digital input module like the NI-9411. Can I use this for counter applications, like reading a quadrature encoder?

Why do I see the following errorwhen I try to run an example real-time VI or my own real-time code? Error 65536 occurred at an unidentified location Possible reason(s): CompactRIO (Hex 0x10000) Unable ...

I am using CompactRIO Scan Mode and need to programmatically set the shunt calibration of a channel. How can I do this?

Whenever I reboot my Real-Time controller, the executable runs automatically at startup. What methods can be used to remove the executable, or stop it from running automatically?

After you've finished installing NI software on your CompactRIO controller, you need to detect your CompactRIO system using LabVIEW.

How can I upgrade the version of the firmware of my C Series device? Does my C series module have a firmware version?

I have connected my CompactRIO/Single Board RIO/R Series to the computer and it is detected in the Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) appropriately. However, I am not able to add the cRIO to my ...

In the scan mode (non FGPA) of the compactRIO, the sampling rate is normally limited at 1 kHz or less. I am trying to use LabVIEW to program the compactRIO, how do I change the sampling rate?

I have a cRIO which crashes when I have a "Run at Startup" VI. This VI calls my main VI which uses channel wires. After it crashes the Status light on the cRIO blinks 4 times. What should I do?

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