Developing an easily configurable, modular vehicle model and test system to use in a model-based dynamometer and rapidly prototyping vehicle control systems.

Developing a flexible, automated test fixture to independently and jointly test a vehicle’s system of electronic control units (ECUs) while users create and maintain collections.

Developing an efficient multidevice tester with full-featured run-in screening and functionality testing for eCall products, which will become a standard feature in every car and must be tested in accordance ...

We needed to develop and commission a fully automated dynamometer test rig for integrated starter generators (ISGs) used in hybrid vehicles to run accelerated life tests.

Toyota makes many product variations to meet a wide variety of customer needs, which requires a huge number of tests during the development process, meaning more time spent analyzing data.

Collecting aerodynamic, stress, strain, hydraulic pressure, velocity, acceleration, and steering data from the North American Eagle vehicle as it moves faster than the speed of sound in extremely harsh ...

We needed to develop a prototyped controller to validate the algorithms with the physical assembly of the integrated starter generator (ISG) while the actual controller was designed and developed.

Developing a system for visualizing noise sources on the KTX-Sancheon high-speed train with the Korea Railroad Research Institute to reduce environmental noise.

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