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I'm planning to use an Ethernet or USB cDAQ in Linux. Are there any drivers (such as DAQmx) available that allow the use of cDAQ chassis in Linux?

How can I upgrade the version of the firmware of my C Series device? Does my C series module have a firmware version?

I have a CompactDAQ (cDAQ) chassis with a built-in controller running an NI Real-Time operating system. I am configuring my LabVIEW project and have added the cDAQ RT target in my Project Explorer, but ...

I ran out of available Analog Input ports on my data acquisition device. However, there are some Digital Input ports available, can I use them as Analog Input ports? How are they going to behave?

I have a DAQ device (cDAQ, USB, or PXI(e)) and I would like to communicate with it using low level VISA SCPI commands. Is this possible and is there a manual with the SCPI commands?

I have a CompactDAQ (cDAQ). I want to control my 3 stepper motors. These will be simple, straight line moves. Can I use my cDAQ?

When I open a FlexLogger project, it cannot find my CompactDAQ device or I getNo Device(s) Detectederror message. How can I see my device in FlexLogger?

I would like to calculate the impedance of a resistor. Can I use a Multifunction DAQ device to calculate the value of an unknown or variable resistance?

How much clearance do the different types of C Series module connectors require for cables and backplanes?

What is the maximum distance of the USB cable that can be used for connecting my computer and a NI USB DAQ device?

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