This paper discusses the affects of low current switching and how this affects relay performance.

This paper discusses the unique benefits of each approach to help engineers make the correct decision when using a digital instrument from NI. This paper focuses on NI HSDIO and NI FlexRIO features and ...

When using a strain gage, you bond the strain gage to the device under test, apply force, and measure the strain by detecting changes in resistance. However, strain gage material, the lead wiring, as well ...

National Instruments provides a wide range of digital I/O (DIO) products with a variety of speed, voltage, and timing options to meet the digital needs of your test, control, and design applications.

This document will discuss the basic distinctions between types of filters and some of the uses for each.

This paper is meant to be a comprehensive how to guide to help measure voltage, measure current, and measure power with computer based instrumentation.

This paper covers some of the PID drawbacks and how to resolve them while improving performance in current implementations through changes in the algorithm.

OPC is a standard interface to communicate between numerous data sources, including devices on a factory floor, laboratory equipment, test system fixtures, and databases.

Originally designed to enable high-speed audio and video streaming, PCI Express is used to improve the data rate from measurement devices to PC memory by up to 30 times over the traditional PCI bus.

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