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This document provides SCB-68A labels you can use with your NI 66xx (formerly referred to as Timing I/O [TIO] Series) counter/timer devices or modules.

NOTE TO USERS NI 66xx Pinout Labels for the SCB-68 Counter/Timer Modules/Devices Using the 68-Pin Shielded Connector Block If you are using an NI 66xx (formerly referred to as TIO) counter/timer device ...

This document lists specifications for the NI PCIe-6612/PXIe-6612 device. These specifications are typical at 25 °C unless otherwise noted. Refer to the NI 6612 User Manual for more information about the ...

This manual describes the electrical and mechanical aspects of the National Instruments NI PCIe/PXIe-6612 device, and contains information about device operation and programming.

This document describes the memory volatility under normal use conditions for the NI PCIe/PXIe-6612.

This document explains how to install the application and NI-DAQmx driver software, set up your PCI/PCI Express DAQ device, confirm the device is operating properly, and take your first measurement.

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