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I have a DMM measuring various things, such as DC voltages and resistance measurements, in Auto Range mode and intermittently get NaN.

I am using the NI PXIe-4065. I would like to know what the meaning of resolution (digit) in the specification. What does resolution mean like 6 ½, 5 ½, 4 ½?

How can I use a software trigger to synchronize two or more DMM cards? I want to be able to synchronize DMM acquisition using software. How can I synchronize DMM cards without any external hardware? Do ...

I am using the PXI-4065. What are mean NPLC and reading rate in the specification? And I would like to know the relationship between NPLC and reading rate.

How can I measure voltage and current, or any combination of two different digital multimeter (DMM) measurements, at the same time?

I am having trouble synchronizing two (or more) PXI-4070/4071/4072/4065 Digital Multimeter (DMM). Do you have any advice for accomplishing this?

I have a circuit that is comprised of inductive, capacitive, and resistive elements. Can I use the NI 4072 or the NI 4082 to perform an overall impedance measurement of this circuit?

Based on the Synchronizing Two DMMs with and External Trigger example,it seems like I cannot share a clock between two PXI-407x DMM devices. Is this the same for the 408x series?

My DMM PXIe-4080 throws error -1074102163 every time I access it, either by LabVIEW code or its soft front panel.

Can I insert or remove (hot-swap) PXI/PXIe modules while my chassis is running? Can I remove my PXI/e DMM or Switch while my chassis is running?

I'm working with an NI 407x DMM and I received the following error: Internal Hardware Error -1074118650 (BFFA4006) What can I do?

I have seen products that were in a "Mature" state in their life cycle, but the product page of my hardware does not say anything about its life cycle. Can I safely assume it is in the Active stage of ...

As soon as I start a Cal Exec procedure, I'm getting Error -1074003951 occurred at,or a similar error regarding other instrument Initialization functions (e.g. IVI Initialize). I've successfully ...

I am getting strange readings when using the PXI 2535 or 2536 for resistance measurements. I followed the articleNI PXI-2535 or PXI-2536 FET Switch Doesn't Closeand it appears that the readings I am getting ...

My code uses NI-DMM VIs and throws error -1074118066. What can I do? I also get the same error message when running a test panel from NI MAX for my DMM device. The error message lists the following: ...

Why is my device failing when I run a self-test in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) with Error -223911occurred at a Self-Test?

I'm using a PXI chassis equipped with some PXI boards. The PXI-4070s show warning213907in NI MAX as shown in figure below. How can I fix it?

What connections are required when using a switch and digital multimeter (DMM)?

Measuring currents in the nanoamp and picoamp ranges requires greater attention to detail when setting up your measurement system. Simply assuming that the value returned from your instrument is infallible ...

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