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I am using the Pulse Measurement Counter Input tasks in DAQmx with my DAQ device and I am getting the following error at DAQmx Create Channel VI: Error -200431 occurred at DAQmx Create Channel (CI-Pulse ...

I am receiving error -200103 when trying to write multiple channels of data using the DAQmx Write VI. How can I resolve this error?

I have a NI Multifunction I/O module with some Analog Output (AO) lines. I need to control an instrument using current. What is the current range the AO lines on my card?

What are the definitions for the signal names for my E Series (60xxE), S Series (61xx), M Series (62xx), X Series (63xx) or Analog Output series (67xx) data acquisition card and where I can find them?

I have seen products that were in a "Mature" state in their life cycle, but the product page of my hardware does not say anything about its life cycle. Can I safely assume it is in the Active stage of ...

I am using an M-Series DAQ card or another device that doesn't support multiple hardware-timed analog output tasks. Is there a way to write multiple signals out of one analog output task?

What is the relationship between the "Desired Frequency" input in NI-DAQmx analog output and the actual hardware AO Update Rate?

I have a National Instrumentshardware configurationand I want to use one input signal to trigger a particular task or operation on my LabVIEW code. I want to synchronizetwo tasks to execute one after the ...

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