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This tutorial introduces and explains the basic fundamentals of analog circuits.

Maximizing the battery life of new devices is one of the biggest challenges design engineers face, so it’s not surprising that they now spend a significant portion of their design effort testing and characterizing ...

Software-connected modular instruments empower engineers to design and implement flexible test systems. Learn about PXI's instruments for any application, performance and quality of measurement, choice ...

This paper is meant to be a comprehensive how to guide to help measure voltage, measure current, and measure power with computer based instrumentation.

This document will describe the fundamental principles that affect low-level measurements, which relay types best address these principles, the recommended NI Switches to use, and other tips and techniques ...

This white paper will describe those challenges and the methods and equipment that should be used to make accurate low-level capacitance measurements.

The PXIe-4081 FlexDMM offers 26 bits of accuracy and resolution, which provides 10 times more resolution and up to 60 percent more accuracy than the previous FlexDMM devices.

This paper examines how NI System SMUs have the power, precision, and speed to perform many of the tests that traditionally require a power supply, DMM, and oscilloscope.

This paper examines the top five tools provided by NI DMMs and tips for getting the most out of them.

This paper is an analysis of the factors that affect voltage references and the best practices for accurately characterizing them with the NI PXIe-4081 DMM.

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