The NI platform enables educators and researchers to increase the rate of discovery in the classroom and in the lab, empowering today's innovators and preparing the innovators of tomorrow to build solutions ...

NI delivers aerospace and defense test solutions designed to reduce schedule risk and keep your programs on-time and on-budget.

Develop flexible, performance and cost-optimized automotive test systems in less time with integrated hardware and software.

NI provides accurate analog, digital, and RF test systems for automated functional test in the electronics industry.

Engineers and scientists around the world use NI products to make a positive impact on the way energy is generated, transferred, and consumed.

NI creates solutions for complex industrial, power, and energy test systems and condition monitoring.

NI’s platform-based approach lowers the cost of test—from characterization to production— for analog, mixed-signal, and RF devices.

NI condition monitoring and diagnostic tools work in the harshest places on Earth.

From prototyping next-generation wireless communication systems to conducting high volume manufacturing test of RFICs and 5G mobile devices, NI provides the hardware and software to meet the most demanding ...

Learn how physically combine multiple PXI switches to create a single, larger switch by either joining the rows/columns of PXI matrices (matrix expansion) or by joining the COMs of PXI multiplexers (multiplexer ...

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