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GETTING STARTED GUIDE MIMO Prototyping System This document explains how to use the MIMO Application Framework with a modular hardware system consisting of multiple universal software radio peripheral ...

This document includes safety, environmental, and regulatory information for the PXIe-1085

This is the Letter of Volatility for the NI PXIe-1085.

This guide describes installation requirements for the 18-slot PXI backplane.

This guide describes how to replace the power supply for the PXIe-1085 chassis.

This document contains instructions for installing an air diverter to an 18-slot PXI or PXI Express chassis.

This guide describes how to install the NI PXIe-1085 chassis fan replacement kit.

The PXIe-1085 Series User Manual and Specifications describes the features of the PXIe-1085 Series chassis and contains information about spefications, configuring the chassis, installing modules, and ...

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