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This document explains how to set up your NI cDAQ-9132/9134/9136 for Windows controller and C Series module(s) and take your first measurement. This document contains instructions in English, French, German, ...

This document includes important hazardous locations information, compliance precautions, and connection information for the cDAQ-9136 controller.

This document describes the features and functionality of the NI cDAQ-9132, NI cDAQ-9133, NI cDAQ-9134, NI cDAQ-9135, NI cDAQ-9136, NI cDAQ-9137.

This document contains specifications for the National Instruments cDAQ-9136 four-slot controller with quad-core processor. For the C Series module specifications, refer to the documentation for the C ...

This document contains information for calibrating NI CompactDAQ chassis and controllers, including the following devices: cDAQ-9132, cDAQ-9133, cDAQ-9134, cDAQ-9135, cDAQ-9136, cDAQ-9137, cDAQ-9138, cDAQ-9139, ...

This document describes how to use the product in Zone 2 explosive atmospheres in China.

This is the Letter of Volatility for the cDAQ-9136 RT, cDAQ-9137 RT.

This is the Letter of Volatility for the cDAQ-9136 Windows, cDAQ-9137 Windows.

This document describes the volatility under normal use conditions for the NI cDAQ-9136 and NI cDAQ-9137.

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