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DATASHEET NI 9226 8 RTD, 0 Ω to 4,000 Ω, 24 Bit, 400 S/s Aggregate, PT1000 • DSUB or push-in spring-terminal connectivity • 250 Vrms, CAT II, channel-to-earth isolation (spring terminal); 60 VDC, CAT I, ...

This document describes how to use the product in Zone 2 explosive atmospheres in China.

Calibration Procedure for the NI 9216 and NI 9226 C Series Temperature Input Modules.

This document provides specifications for the NI 9226.

This document explains how to connect the NI 9226.

This is the Letter of Volatility for the NI 9216/9226.

These documents describe the memory volatility under normal use conditions for the NI 9216 and NI 9226.

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