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This document describes the features and functionality of the NI cDAQ-9132, NI cDAQ-9133, NI cDAQ-9134, NI cDAQ-9135, NI cDAQ-9136, NI cDAQ-9137.

This document contains specifications for the National Instruments cDAQ-9136 four-slot controller with quad-core processor. For the C Series module specifications, refer to the documentation for the C ...

This document contains information for calibrating NI CompactDAQ chassis and controllers, including the following devices: cDAQ-9132, cDAQ-9133, cDAQ-9134, cDAQ-9135, cDAQ-9136, cDAQ-9137, cDAQ-9138, cDAQ-9139, ...

This document describes how to use the product in Zone 2 explosive atmospheres in China.

This is the Letter of Volatility for the cDAQ-9136 Windows, cDAQ-9137 Windows.

This is the Letter of Volatility for the cDAQ-9136 RT, cDAQ-9137 RT.

This document includes important hazardous locations information, compliance precautions, and connection information for the cDAQ-9136 controller.

This document explains how to set up your NI cDAQ-9132/9134/9136 for Windows controller and C Series module(s) and take your first measurement. This document contains instructions in English, French, German, ...

This document describes the volatility under normal use conditions for the NI cDAQ-9136 and NI cDAQ-9137.

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