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When two endpoints connect, they create a network stream. Network streams must have a writer endpoint that writes data to a stream and a reader endpoint that reads data from the stream.

Network streams enable lossless, high-throughput data communication over Ethernet. Network streams also enable lossless, low-throughput communication, such as sending commands.

Network streams enable high-throughput, but you can use network streams for lossless, low-throughput communication to send and receive commands.

As you place objects on the diagram, they automatically align to a grid. Making this grid visible can help you keep the diagram organized as you add and arrange objects.

Display tabs in the editor to access different types of information about your project as well as to complete project-related tasks, such as troubleshooting or resource management.

A document is anything that you can open, edit, and save in a project, such as a VI.

The DAQExpress Manual contains step-by-step instructions, programming concepts, and reference information for quickly acquiring, analyzing, and presenting measurements from data acquisition devices.

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