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I have two or more C Series modules that have a delta-sigma ADC, each in their own cDAQ chassis. How can I synchronize these modules?

I have some dynamic signal acquisition (DSA) modules in my CompactRIO and I would like to synchronize them in LabVIEW FPGA. How should I go about doing this? I am using a cRIO with two dynamic signal acquisition ...

I want to synchronize my Counter Input (CI) task of NI 9361 with my Analog Input (AI) task of a DSA (Dynamic Signal Acquisition) module, such as NI 9234. How can I achieve this synchronization?

I have a two wire sensor 4-20 mA and I want to read this current with a C Series current input module. Can I do this even though the C Series current input modules are single ended?

I use an NI 9151 R Series expansion chassis with a PXI R Series module. Will using an expansion chassis affect the performance of C Series modules compared to using it with other CompactRIO chassis? Is ...

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