Proving the concept that local WiFi signals can be used to monitor moving objects and bodies that are otherwise visually obscured. Although fundamentally similar to traditional radar systems, our novel ...

Consumer adoption of 3G and 4G LTE standards outpaced all other technologies and grew to nearly 3 billion connections in less than 15 years. It is now projected that the number of connected devices will ...

Designing and building a simple and compact ground synthetic aperture radar (SAR) for on-ground imaging.

Proving that limited radio spectrum resources can be used successfully by both primary and secondary users in an economically feasible way.

By 2020, Cisco forecasts 5.5 billion people will own mobile phones, but today’s wireless networks can't handle the rapidly approaching, hyper-connected future.

Engineering a cost-effective, flexible system to accurately measure and analyze wideband read range in performance verification stage of UHF RFID tag design.

Developing high-performance, user-friendly, and highly customizable signal transceivers for the emerging visible light communication (LiFi) technology with applications in intelligent transportation systems ...

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