Academic and Research

Researchers created a sensing and control intelligence system to develop a full-scale adaptive prototype of a lightweight space truss while reducing material waste.

Resolve Research Engineering Ltd created an accurate, portable, and automated tool to test the manual dexterity and cognitive skills of 13,500 children as part of a large study to identify and help those ...

The Renewable Fuel and Internal Combustion Engine Lab at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi aimed to develop a system for fast, reliable, and precise control of a converted dual fuel compression ...

Designing and implementing control software to be integrated into a networked distributed control system for a large optical telescope.

Developing a cost-effective, portable system to generate modulated RF transmissions at specific times over a variety of frequencies, power levels, and modulation types.

Enhancing spectral, power, and weight efficiency of applications that use both RF communications and radar by incorporating both functionalities into a single platform, which has applications in a wide ...

M3 Systems developed a fully configurable multiconstellation global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver for educational and research purposes.

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