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The NI PXI Digital Multimeter performs voltage, current, resistance, temperature, inductance, capacitance, and frequency/period measurements, and more.

I have a DMM measuring various things, such as DC voltages and resistance measurements, in Auto Range mode and intermittently get NaN.

Based on the Synchronizing Two DMMs with and External Trigger example,it seems like I cannot share a clock between two PXI-407x DMM devices. Is this the same for the 408x series?

I am getting strange readings when using the PXI 2535 or 2536 for resistance measurements. I followed the articleNI PXI-2535 or PXI-2536 FET Switch Doesn't Closeand it appears that the readings I am getting ...

I am having trouble synchronizing two (or more) PXI-4070/4071/4072/4065 Digital Multimeter (DMM). Do you have any advice for accomplishing this?

I am using the PXI-4065. What are mean NPLC and reading rate in the specification? And I would like to know the relationship between NPLC and reading rate.

As soon as I start a Cal Exec procedure, I'm getting Error -1074003951 occurred at,or a similar error regarding other instrument Initialization functions (e.g. IVI Initialize). I've successfully ...

I'm trying to measure a signal but it is giving me inconsistent results. I am able to measure both the frequency and the amplitude of a 1 kHz signal when the amplitude is 150 mV. Once I lower the amplitude ...

How can I measure voltage and current, or any combination of two different digital multimeter (DMM) measurements, at the same time?

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