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NI C Series Digitizer Modules acquire and analyze time- and frequency‐domain analog signals as part of a CompactDAQ or CompactRIO system.

In NI FPGA example code 'NI 9775 Getting Started Continuous mode(FPGA)', why there is no any timing configuration on the loop? In NI 9775 helpdocument,4MS/s seems maximum data rate for communication between ...

I have two or more C Series modules that have a delta-sigma ADC, each in their own cDAQ chassis. How can I synchronize these modules?

I have multiple analogue input channels in my application. I currently have the trigger set to a single channel, but I want to have the application start recording if any channel exceeds their own threshold. ...

Can I perform an acquisition or acquire data using analog triggering with a CompactDAQ (cDAQ) chassis and an analog input module?

DATASHEET NI 9775 4-Ch, ±10 V, 20 MS/s, 14-Bit Digitizer • BNC connectivity • High-speed measurements up to 20 MS/s/ch at 68 dB SNR • High-resolution measurements up to 5 MS/s/ch at 74 dB SNR • 14-bit ...

Calibration Procedure for the NI 9775 C Series Digitizer Module

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