I Am NI: Mile Oporta



A loving mom who adores her daughter, loves meeting new people, and enjoys helping others, Mile Oporta has grown and learned a lot during her time here at NI. 

Name: Mile Oporta
Hometown: Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica
University: Universidad Hispanoamericana
Department/Role at NI: Account Operations Manager

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Why did you want to work at NI?

One thing that got my attention during my interview eight years ago was hearing that CERN was an NI customer. As a person who’s into science, it was so incredible to find a company that could connect me to technology that changes and makes history.

Do you have a passion outside of “work”?

I’m a mom, so outside of work, my passion is being a cool mom. My daughter and I spend a lot of time together trying new things and going on adventures. We both like to watch Star Wars movies, go to museums, participate in conventions, go hiking, and try new food. We also try to find the fun in science by doing STEM experiments. 

How do you Engineer Ambitiously™?

I Engineer Ambitiously by connecting and supporting my customers’ projects. It’s an amazing time to be alive. Not only do I get to see how much technology is advancing, I get to be a part of it. From rocket science to healthcare devices, engineering ambitiously is key to making a real difference in people's lives.

I really enjoy helping others. It fills my heart to help whenever I can. It doesn’t matter if it’s something personal or something having do with work or school. If it’s in my hands, I will try to help no matter what.


-Mile Oporta
Who is your biggest inspiration and/or mentor (at NI or otherwise)?

My biggest inspiration is my family. They have supported me in so many ways and have helped me to become the professional I am today. They inspire me to be a better version of myself and to do my best at work.

Mentor-wise, our previous operations manager, Carlos Rios, is also one of my role models. He helped me find meaning in my career and visualize the professional I wanted to become. His trust in me since day one has contributed to my success at NI.

With the transitions to remote school and work in the past year, share some lessons learned along the way.

Remote work has changed my life in a good way. I realized over the past year that I wasn’t prioritizing my health. Now I exercise more, which is good for the body and life! Also, I’ve come to understand that time is a limited resource; we should be mindful about how we’re spending our time.  

During your time at NI, what’s been the most significant lesson you’ve learned? (This can be anything from a life lesson to a skill/best practice you use in your career.)

The most significant lesson I’ve learned is to not think of feedback as a negative concept. Feedback is part of NI’s culture and offers an opportunity to learn and improve. Before I worked here, I used to think that mistakes were proof that you weren’t capable of doing certain things. However, I’ve learned that making mistakes is a way to show that you’re trying. By identifying areas of improvement, you can learn and grow.

 As you continue building your career, tell us why diversity and inclusion (especially in engineering) matter to you.

Engineering needs innovation and creativity for real-world challenges. Having diversity and inclusion at a community, company, and personal level enhances creativity and brings better innovations to life.

What’s the one thing you want people to know about you that doesn’t fit on your resume?

I really enjoy helping others. It fills my heart to help whenever I can. It doesn’t matter if it’s something personal or something having do with work or school. If it’s in my hands, I will try to help no matter what. Also, I love making new friends. Getting to know other people, cultures, and customs is a treasure of life.

How would you describe the culture and connections you’ve experienced with other NIers?

One of the best things about NI is the people. I've met so many interesting, talented, and amazing human beings that make every day at work a beautiful journey. The connections have been so strong that a lot of my colleagues have become my best friends. And you know, working with your friends is a privilege.

How have your skills developed at NI, and what has been the impact of those skills on your work and life?

During this time, I’ve “discovered” skills I never thought I’d have. Thanks to my daily work and participation in other opportunities like STEM volunteering, I’ve learned leadership skills that I’ve been able to apply to other parts of my life—as a mom, as a professional, and as a student. For example, being a leader without a title has helped me to become a confident mom, a notable person at work, and an active student in college. 

And just for fun: What is your go-to song right now?

I’m into Brazilian music right now, especially the genre Sertanejo. So, any song by Marilia Mendoca is my go-to song. I love them all!

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