Borrowing a License from a FlexNet Publisher (formerly FLEXlm) Server


This webcast will demonstrate the end user-process for borrowing National Instruments licenses from a FlexNet Publisher (formerly FLEXlm) server. Users with regular network access can check out licenses simply by being connected to the licensing server. Users that are offline for an extended period of time, however, will need to borrow a license. The borrow feature in FLEXlm allows offline users access to NI software as part of the Enterprise Agreement.

Important: In order to borrow a license as an end user, you will need an executable called “lmborrow.exe”. You can find a download for this application as an attachment in the Borrow License from a License Server Running FLEXnet Publisher knowledge-base article. Once you have downloaded the application, save it on your computer in a location that you can regularly access to check out and check in licenses.

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Next steps

  • Find the lmborrow.exe file in this KnowledgeBase Article here
  • Troubleshooting NI VLM Client Connection Issues Using Telnet here
  • FlexNet Publisher License Administration Guide here 
  • Contact Technical Support

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