Achieve Ultrafast mmWave OTA Validation Test

Engineers working on new 5G mmWave Antenna-in-Package (AiP) devices have the tough test challenge of characterizing the beamforming performance of these devices over-the-air (OTA). With no access to traditional connectorized test ports to assess device performance, engineers need to configure and run detailed 3D spatial sweeps within a carefully controlled RF environment in an anechoic chamber. Conducting these spatial sweeps can become a very time-consuming and prohibitively expensive task.


A test solution for mmWave OTA validation of AiP devices must meet the following requirements:


  • Provide a cost-effective, quiet, and carefully controlled OTA test environment
  • Give engineers fast and detailed measurement results and plots
  • Reduce OTA measurement uncertainty through proper system calibration
  • Simplify the process of configuring and running comprehensive, automated OTA test sequences

mmWave OTA Validation Test Reference Architecture

  • Reduce OTA test times from hours to minutes by sweeping the 3D space in a continuous motion, using the PXI platform to tightly synchronize the DUT positioner with the RF generation and analysis engine.
  • Obtain reliable OTA measurements with a quiet RF anechoic chamber and properly characterized quiet zone.
  • Validate the high-bandwidth beamforming performance of your AiP DUTs with the mmWave Vector Signal Transceiver, supporting all 3GPP channel bandwidths and 5G-compliant waveforms.
  • Configure with ease extensive spatial sweeps to characterize your DUT antenna patterns while you rapidly produce, visualize, store, or distribute detailed parametric results using NI’s mmWave OTA Validation Test Software.

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mmWave OTA Validation Test Solution Brochure

Discover how to radically decrease OTA test times and cost for mmWave AiP device validation.