Test Increasingly Complex Sets of Audio Devices

The growing popularity of IoT devices worldwide is accelerating the adoption of voice commands as the user interface for many electrical products. This means that acoustic and audio test challenges are likely to impact more products than ever before. Test teams must meet extended test coverage requirements to ensure product quality while maintaining throughput and operational efficiency. For a solution to meet these sorts of demands, it must:


  • Provide complete coverage for current and future test requirements
  • Operate within the expected cycle-time limit
  • Design, develop, and deploy within a production schedule
  • Fit into manufacturing processes physically and operationally 

NI's Audio and Acoustic Functional Test Solution

  • PXI instrumentation and software feature support for the latest and emerging audio and acoustic test requirements, ensuring complete and accurate test coverage.
  • FPGA and synchronization technology improve test throughput for high-volume/high-mix production by enabling multi-up test stations at a low price per channel.
  • TestStand and LabVIEW software provide rapid development of complex test steps and sequences.
  • SystemLink™ software deploys updates and democratizes data insights to optimize operational efficiency. 

Solution Advantages

“Our solution uses LabVIEW and PXI modular instruments, including dynamic signal acquisition, to achieve our test system cost target, meet performance and quality requirements, and improve test throughput by 33 percent.”

-Koh Chee Lit, Manufacturing Test, Sony EMCS


NI Partner Network

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Services and Support

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Audio and Acoustic Functional Test Solution Brochure

Learn the function and value of each element of an NI software solution. Find customer examples, solution specifications, and NI Partner Network information.