Confidently Deliver High-Throughput ECU Functional Testers on Time, within Budget

There has been steep growth in the number of electronic control units (ECUs) in modern cars as a result of the paradigm shift of vehicles from mechanical to electrical systems. In many ways, ECUs power all the innovations we see in comfort, safety, connectivity, and efficiency, which in turn require innovations in automotive test equipment. As ECUs proliferate in number and complexity, it's become increasingly difficult to develop production testers on time and within budget.


A test solution for production test can help you:


  • Quickly develop and deploy comprehensive functional testers for new ECUs in time to meet the launch date
  • Reduce cost with minimized floor space and maximized test throughput
  • Easily monitor tester health and proactively service testers to minimize downtime
  • Standardize test architecture across programs and global sites
  • Accurately forecast test budget out several years

Electronic Control Unit Test System

  • Utilize a preconfigured test system with the I/O coverage necessary for end of line functional testing of a range of powertrain, body, and chassis ECUs.
  • Leverage parallel test and auto scheduling TestStand features for maximum throughput, along with ECU testing specific plug-ins for simplified instrument configuration.
  • Easily monitor station health and operation with the Field Diagnostic Tester and ECU Test System Maintenance software.

Solution Advantages

“Using the NI automated test platform, we achieved shorter development time and faster test speed required for functional tests of powertrain ECUs in manufacturing. We reduced development time to 1/6 of the previous system and lowered system cost to 70% with 15% faster test time.”

–Minsuk Ko, Ph. D., Manager, Hyundai Kefico

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ECU Test System Solution Brochure

Learn how the ECU Test System's architecture and components help you deliver ECU functional testers on time and within budget.