Speakers and Technical Program

Explore the NIWeek keynotes and technical sessions.

Technical Program

NIWeek’s purpose is to help attendees discover new technologies and techniques in their industries and develop the skills to engineer a better product, business, and world. Our interactive sessions are an effective platform for you to learn from NI experts, customers and other attendees from around the globe. NIWeek’s high-caliber speakers bring attendees back to NIWeek year after year.

Call for Speakers is now closed

We will begin notifying speakers soon. Please e-mail presentations@ni.com with any questions.

Engineering Skills Track

This track will host a number of expert speakers give tactical advice on the tangible engineering skills and cost-effective practices needed to design higher quality solutions easier and faster. Sessions provide a deeper look at how things work inside and out with content geared toward the advanced and expert levels.


Potential Topics

Solutions Discovery and Industry Trends Track

This track focuses on customer stories, solutions and trends within a particular industry. Attendees will dive into the latest engineering advances and are provided with insights and strategies to reinvent processes, accelerate innovation, and serve as a catalyst for your industries, businesses, and the world.


Potential Topics

Engineering Culture Track

New to NIWeek, the Engineering Culture Track explores topics that influence and impact the engineering work culture. Speakers in this track will broaden work views on issues ranging from managing high-performing engineering teams to emphasizing the importance of diversity in engineering to implementing fundamental business elements for up-and-coming consultants. The Engineering Culture track will encourage and enable attendees to develop the skills they need to be better teammates and leaders.


Potential Topics