Measurement Studio 2015 Bug Fixes


The following items are changes from Measurement Studio 2013 to Measurement Studio 2015. If you have a Bug ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed.

Bug Fixes

The following items are Bug Fixes in Measurement Studio 2015.

ID Fixed Issue
343435 If the WPF Graph does not contain data, the zoom operation on the WPF Graph does nothing.
345820 The WPF Meter control pointer base may be clipped under certain layout scenarios.
351145 You cannot interact with annotations on a WPF Graph that fall behind a plot that uses an AreaPlotRenderer.
358289 Range annotations compress when dragged outside the range of the WPF Graph.
359825 The pointer on a WPF Slider control is cut off if the Slider is too small.
366976 A WPF Graph control RangeAnnotation appears to end at the edge of the visible plot region when its range is partially visible.
369189 When completing a zoom horizontal or zoom vertical interaction on a WPF Graph control, the axis scale adjuster does not run.
376216 Read from file failed or Write to file failed error occurs when reading or writing very large amounts of data from a TDMS file.
377450 If you have a model assigned to the DataContext of a WPF Graph, and you try to bind a property on the model to a property on an Axis in the Graph, the binding will fail.
384492 Repairing Measurement Studio 2013 for Visual Studio 2008 also prompts you to repair Measurement Studio 2012 for Visual Studio 2008.
386303 WPF Graph cursor label may disappear if the value is also visible.
389773 If the CoercionMode property of a WPF Numeric control is set to ToDivisions then the initial value will always be zero.
389799 A WPF Tank control may show fewer divisions on one side than the other depending on its size.
390326 Clone method of an AnalogWaveformCollection incorrectly clones a waveform whose starting index is not 0
390494 The WPF Graph control causes an application to hang if the AxisDivisions require more than 15 digits of precision.
391307 Changing the WPF Graph Annotation.InteractionMode from DragTarget at run time does not update the interaction mode of the Annotation.
402863 The sources for images in the GraphToolPalette produce binding errors in the output window.
403056 The WPF graph zoom loses history after the range changes.
403060 When completing a zoom horizontal or zoom vertical interaction on a WPF Graph control, the axis scale adjuster does not run.
406324 WPF Graph annotations are not hit-testable.
407433 When a graph is displayed in a new window and the computer is locked and unlocked, the graph window UI freezes.
418437 The underlying TDMS library leaks a small amount of memory on each file opened.
418784 The Clone method for AnalogWaveform does not create a deep copy of the Timing property.
422118 If a graph is in Raster mode and all its plots are switched from Visible to Collapsed, the data from the last visible plots is still be shown on the graph.
423510 Co-linear decimation used on scatter data does not respect the RemoveLocations field.
437538 It is not possible to bind to MultiPlotCursor.AxisValue in a data template.
439519 A WPF graph configured in Count mode for its RangeLabeledDivisions hangs if zoomed in too far.
440514 An unhandled NullReferenceException happens when zooming, if a graph contains plots not associated with an axis.
443878 Using the FitLoosely range adjuster on a log scale with small values results in values bring cut off.
445748 When a WPF graph is placed in a Thumb, pan and zoom interactions do not execute correctly.
451487 Data in a WPF Graph control may disappear if the Graph has a fixed y-axis and one of the plots goes beyond the range of the y-axis.
452914 An OutOfMemoryException is thrown when zooming-in on a WPF graph, if using the Auto mode for RangeLabeledDivisions on an AxisDateTime.
474805 The size of the buttons in the GraphToolPalette cannot be set.
476665 New plots added to the Plots collection for the graph with null axes are not guaranteed to be assigned default axes under certain conditions.
478586 The increment and decrement buttons on numeric controls only resize when the Height property is set explicitly.
490326 The PrecisionDateTime type is too large.
495969 Installing NationalInstruments.Common 2013 SP1 before activating Measurement Studio 2013 makes Measurement Studio unable to be activated from within Visual Studio.


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