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Waveform Generators

Waveform Generators produce large, complex analog waveforms in a sequential manner or using real-time streaming. These instruments are ideal for applications in scientific research and testing of consumer electronics, automotive, and aerospace/defense.

5 Results

    Platform Modules

    Platform modules integrate with modular hardware platforms that allow you to combine different types of modules in a custom system that leverages shared platform features. NI offers three hardware platforms—CompactDAQ, CompactRIO, and PXI—though all platforms may not be represented in this category.

  • Generates standard functions and user-defined, arbitrary waveforms as part of a PXI system.

    Feature Highlights:

    • Platform: PXI
    • Bus: PXI, PXI Express
  • Provides timed pulses of programmable frequency, pulse delay, width, spacing, and amplitude.

    Feature Highlights:

    • Platform: PXI
    • Bus: PXI Express
  • Combines high-speed DACs with Xilinx FPGAs for applications that demand real-time signal processing and high-performance analog input.
  • Provides analog output for signal generation with a PXI FPGA Module for FlexRIO or the Controller for FlexRIO.

    Feature Highlights:

    • Bus: FlexRIO
  • Stand-Alone or Computer-Based Devices

    Stand-alone or computer-based devices either integrate with standard desktop and laptop computers or allow you to use them without the need for other modular hardware.

  • Generates standard and user‐defined arbitrary waveforms.

    Feature Highlights:

    • Bus: PCI