Voltage products can accurately measure voltage over a wide range of values and generate voltage signals for control and communication applications. NI voltage products have options that are optimized for industrial or hazardous locations.

See how easy it is to make interactive voltage measurements

NI’s voltage products integrate with the software of your choice to quickly create voltage input or output applications. You can use interactive measurement panels in DAQExpress, create custom applications in development software like LabVIEW, and more.

Isolation to Ensure System Safety

NI offers voltage products with the electrical isolation you need to deal with hazardous voltages, transient signals, common-mode voltages, and fluctuating ground potentials.

Voltages From Millivolts to Industrial Logic Levels (-200 mV to 800 Vrms)

Voltage applications range from industrial control, with 24 V logic levels, to detecting tiny variations for sensitive voltage applications. NI’s voltage products include options for high-voltage or benchtop measurements, and everything in between.

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