MUNIN IF Wideband Recording Software with RTSA Option

Novator Solutions AB

Wideband IF recorder with gapless recording of narrowband and wideband IF signals from 2MHz to 600MHz real-time bandwidth with parallel remote operation.

Novator Solution MUNIN 1005-IF wideband recorder is a stand-alone application for long recordings of narrowband and wideband IF signals. The optional real-time spectrum monitoring feature (for 70MHz IBW IF inputs) combined with the large acquisition buffer is ideal for capturing rare signals by remote operators.The configurable platform is optimized for capturing one or more IF channels in real-time for DUT characterization, spectrum analysis or setting up repeatable lab tests.The application supports IF channels with 2x70MHz at 160MHc fc and 1x600MHz real-time bandwidth at 1GHz fc. Other configurations are available on request.For special requirements we provide customized solutions

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