Creative Technical Solutions created an affordable in-cylinder pressure measurement and analysis system to optimize internal combustion engine design and performance.

Sci-Mech Technical Services developed a cost-effective solution for production line testing of automotive seating products that can provide objective metrics.

Researchers developed a rugged, remotely-operated vibration-based structural health monitoring system for extracting modal parameters from vibration measurements.

Hepa Wash created a cost-effective liver dialysis prototype for clinical trials to meet performance and specification requirements and device safety under guidelines.

Controlling reaction parameters throughout the testing period, which is normally 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, for two to three months, to prevent reaction condition distortion that can result in ...

UCSI Malaysia created a go-kart performance monitoring dashboard that indicates parameters such as RPM, motor temperatures, speed, battery life, and warning alerts.

Dolphin Integration designed a modular solution to multiplex analog signals, generate and acquire analog and digital signals, and control components using I²C bus.

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