Developing a real-time signal detection and analysis system that could be structured like a program, operate in parallel like an analog electronic circuit, and supply multiple channels of noise.

Researchers created a SONAR-based real-time monitoring system to detect and analyze vibrations or movements of objects using a noncontact inspection technique.

Researchers developed a cost-effective system for monitoring and controlling multiple medium voltage disconnect switches for smart buildings.

Vehicle Projects LLC developed a system to control and monitor the safety and operation of a 250 kW fuel-cell hybrid locomotive using a programmed touch panel.

Researchers at Georgia Tech developed a networked system of mobile robots that combine the spectrum-mapping abilities of cognitive radio (CR) with localization and spatial-awareness capabilities.

Elettronica GmbH created a cost-effective, compact device to continuously record and evaluate electronic signal intelligence (ELINT) signals.

Acquiring data points from the photo detector at a rate of more than 10 Ks/s while focusing on a clear position of a laser spot with a high-magnification objective lens in magnetic nanostructures using ...

United Automotive Electronic Systems Co.,Ltd. created a real-time oil pump bracket assembly test system for instrument control, motion control, and data acquisition.

M3 Systems developed a fully configurable multiconstellation global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver for educational and research purposes.

Researchers developed an application for data acquisition, transmission, preprocessing, and control for the monitoring system of a long-span, extra-large bridge.

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