RFID MeETS – Measurement and Evaluation Test System


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RFID MeETS is a PXI and LabVIEW based RFID measurement solution. Customizable functionalities offer the user unique possibilities to get insight into the RFID technology. The tool features a fully automated evaluation of performance and properties of RFID tags, even if the tag is attached to product packaging. Conformance and performance testing of readers and tags is made possible by the implementation of full communication protocols, both for HF and UHF bands. The system provides measurement techniques for tests according ISO and EPCglobal™ standards.


  • is a modular RFID test instrument based on PXI.
  • is used for testing of both reader and tags and for spying the communication channel.
  • offers all RFID protocols on all frequency bands.
  • provides highly automated tests as well as access to low level protocol parameters that are user definable.