Archived: LabWindows™/CVI™ 2009 Real-Time Module Bug Fixes

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The following items are changes from the LabWindows/CVI 9.0 Real-Time Module to the LabWindows/CVI 2009 Real-Time Module.

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ID Fixed Issue
186783 Breakpoints might be skipped in multithreaded applications if a watchpoint is set
184021 Abort and Reboot command in the debugger might cause target to hang
181147 fopen does not truncate file to zero length when using w, wb, w+, or wb+ modes with Reliance File System
181136 Buffered writes using the RS-232 Library might take longer than expected
180797 Resource tracking window continues to indicate a resource leak that has already been fixed until the RT target is rebooted
174580 System Replication functions in the Real-Time Utility library fail when run from some host computers
168426 Using an RT target originally configured by browsing the network can result in "The target machine is not connected to the network" errors
167333 Calling the exit() function might not reboot the RT target
166609 RS-232 Library writes that immediately follow a call to flush the output queue might result in some data from the write operation being lost
162738 Using the Debug Project command to exit and restart an application from a breakpointed state in the debugger might cause the RT target to crash
162706 Network Variable Library calls to create a new connection to a network variable or to CNVPutDataInBuffer do not sleep while waiting
161479 Applications using Network Variables might display intermittent NI Variable Engine errors to the RT target console output
161478 Unsubscribing and immediately subscribing to Network Variables hosted on an RT target might result in -6345 and -6382 errors
144009 CmtUninstallTSQCallback and CmtUninstallThreadPoolCallback functions return error -14908
141643 Debugging or installing an application on an RT target does not correctly download statically linked DLL dependencies
121146 Installing an application on an RT target from LabWindows/CVI or modifying the startup DLL from the RT File Copy Utility occasionally results in an internal error or a crash

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