Archived: LabWindows™/CVI™ 8.1.1 Bug Fixes

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The following items are changes from LabWindows/CVI 8.1 to LabWindows/CVI 8.1.1.



User Interface


Bug ID

Fixed Issue


Fixed an issue where values entered in a graph axis ignore the gain, the offset, and the engineering units.


Fixed an issue where GetTableCellFromPoint would not work correctly when a table was scrolled. 


Fixed an issue where the UI to Code Converter didn't support images in menus. 


Fixed an issue where the UIR Localization Utility crashed when loading panels with digital graphs. 


Fixed an issue where the Canvas control didn't scale its image properly when the panel was resized.


Fixed an issue where the custom control menu in the User Interface Editor disappeared when the system color palette changed.


Fixed an issue where changes made in the Edit Menu Bar dialog box to the background color of the image bar of a submenu didn't retain.


Fixed an issue where the Edit Control dialog box incorrectly reports Default value is out of range when you change the Minimum or Maximum value, and the control is in Coerce mode.


Fixed an issue where  GetMonitorAttribute failed if called on a system that was accessed via remote desktop and the desktop was minimized.


Fixed an issue where the ATTR_COLOR_DEPTH monitor attribute was not working as expected. 




Bug ID

Fixed Issue


Fixed an issue where running a function panel would hang LabWindows/CVI in some rare situations. 


Fixed an issue where some memory was lost when repeatedly loading and unloading some DLLs built with LabWindows/CVI.


Fixed an issue where some memory was lost when using SetCtrlBitmap to replace a bitmap plotted in a graph. 


Fixed an issue where some memory was lost when repeatedly loading and discarding panels containing splitter controls.


Fixed an issue where some memory was lost when running the 3dgraph.prj example program. 


Fixed an issue where LabWindows/CVI crashes in some rare cases when removing the colon character.


Fixed an issue where some Advanced Analysis library functions, such as MatrixMul would crash when run on an Intel Core or Core2 processor. 


Fixed an issue where InetFTPGetDirList would crash when listing a directory that contains a large number of files. 


Fixed an issue where moving memory blocks using pointers to arbitrary locations within an array crashed in debug mode. 


Stand-Alone Application and Distributions


Bug ID

Fixed Issue


 Fixed an issue where the distribution loaded from disk has no files in it if it was saved without a file group.


Fixed an issue where if a distribution is created before the project is built, the DLL dependencies are not set correctly.  


Fixed an issue where relocating the distribution application directory does not relocate subdirectories.  


Fixed an issue where deselection behavior of required LabWindows/CVI Run-Time Engine sub-items in the Edit Distribution dialog box was inconsistent.


.NET and ActiveX


Bug ID

Fixed Issue


Fixed an issue where LabWindows/CVI couldn't use the Microsoft System assembly when running with Borland compatibility mode. 




Bug ID

Fixed Issue


Fixed an issue where the IVI Attribute Editor would display an error when adding a class attribute and the IVI class drivers are not installed. 


Fixed an issue where the IVI Installer Creater and the IVI Driver Test Suite would not uninstall when LabWindows/CVI was uninstalled. 




Bug ID

Fixed Issue


Fixed an issue where ExcelRpt_ChartWizard and ExcelRpt_SetChartAttribute were not working as expected. 


Fixed an issue where the timeout value was not retained when running the serial.prj example program.


Fixed an issue where DDC_GetDataValue returned an error when reading time data in double format.




Bug ID

Fixed Issue


Fixed an issue where the Linux content didn't appear in the Windows version of the LabWindows/CVI Help. 


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