Using NI InsightCM Enterprise for Condition Monitoring Course

The Using InsightCM™ for Condition Monitoring Course teaches you how to set up and use an online condition monitoring application.

The Using InsightCM for Condition Monitoring Course covers setting up and configuring InsightCM Enterprise and Condition Monitoring System (CMS) devices, which acquire data from sensors attached to the equipment that you want to monitor.The course helps you understand how to use the InsightCM Data Explorer for in-depth visualization and analysis of real-time and historical offline data to determine the health of your equipment. At the end of the course, you will be able to configure CMS devices and manage alarms.The Using InsightCM for Condition Monitoring Course is recommended for new users working with or evaluating InsightCM and CMS devices to implement predictive maintenance and condition monitoring on equipment. Category II or higher vibration analyst knowledge is recommended for this course.

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