Inverter HIL Test System Training Course Overview

Training for setting up and performing typical tasks with the Inverter HIL Test System.


Course Last Release Date or Version Number: 1.0

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Inverter HIL Test System Training Course Outline

Lesson Overview Topics



NI Inverter HIL Test System Overview





Explore the purpose of the NI ITS and review its hardware and software components.​





  • What is Inverter Test? 
  • ITS Hardware Overview 
  • ITS Software Overview 





System Install and Setup



Learn how to set up the ITS system out of the box and identify best practices to ensure everything works as expected.



  • System Bring-up and Validation 
  • Software Installation and Setup 
  • Software Licensing
  • VeriStand ITS Project Creation





Safety, Maintenance, & Calibration Procedures



Explore the safety, maintenance, and calibration procedures for safe and proper operation of the NI ITS.



  • High Voltage Warning
  • ITS Safety Features & Safe System Setup
  • ​Environmental Considerations​
  • Preventative Maintenance 
  • Replacing Components 
  • Instrument Calibration 





Connecting the Inverter to the Tester



Explore a procedure for connecting the Inverter to the Tester to ensure proper operation.​



  • Preparing to Connect the Inverter
  • Creating a VeriStand Project from ITS Template Project​
  • Connecting to PXI through VeriStand​
  • Connecting the Inverter to ITS​
  • Powering On the Inverter​
  • Validating Signals​
  • Editing and Executing a Basic Model​



Simulation Service​

Learn how to compile and deploy the ITS Model using the Simulation Service.



  • What Is the Simulation Service?
  • Installing the ITS Model Generation Support Add-on​
  • Compiling the ITS Model​
  • Deploying the ITS Model​



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