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Multisim™ software combines intuitive capture with powerful simulation to help you quickly, easily, and efficiently design and validate a circuit. Choose the edition that best meets your needs, or consider purchasing Multisim™ software as part of the Circuit Design Suite.

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Key differentiators
  • Recommended for basic circuit design
  • Includes 47,000+ manufacturer-verified components and models
  • Includes Multisim Live™ Premium access (with active service benefits)
  • Integrates with Ultiboard™ software1 layout for rapid PCB prototyping
  • Recommended for standard circuit design
  • Includes 49,000+ manufacturer-verified components and models, 17 analyses, and expressions in analyses
  • Includes Multisim™ Base functionality
  • Recommended for advanced research and circuit design
  • Includes 55,000+ manufacturer-verified components and models and 20 analyses
  • Includes Multisim™ Full functionality
Capture Features 
Customizable GUI      
Modeless part placement and wiring      
Netlist Report      
Rubber banding on part move      
Ability to replace multiple components at once      
Component editing      
Component Wizard      
Hierarchical design      
Ability to reorder multisheet designs      
Circuit annotations and schematic comments      
Electrical rules check      
Rearchitected forward/back annotation to Ultiboard™ 1      
Ability to export to Mentor PADS layout      
Project packing (previously archiving)      
Spreadsheet view  
Pin and gate swap  
Graphically mark no-connect pins (Toggle NC Marker)  
Advanced reports  
Cross-probing with Ultiboard™ 1  
Export/Import database components and user fields  
Customizable/Advanced BOM  
Templates Creation  
Templates Opening (*.mst)      
Component database Partial Partial Complete
Simulation Features 
Fully mixed-mode A/D simulation      
Standard SPICE 3X5/XSPICE      
Enhanced model support      
Convergence Assistant      
Virtual, interactive, animated parts      
Mouse-click support for interactive parts      
Measurement probes      
Enhanced Grapher visualization      
NI measurement data file input and export      
Circuit parameters      
RF Design Module component limit 17 parts 76 parts no limit
LabVIEW VIs as instruments and sources    
Ability to insert faults into components during netlist generation    
Expressions in analyses    
"Blow up" parts    
Ability to add traces to Grapher, post analysis    
Microcontroller simulation    
MCU functionality    
Component tolerances in interactive simulation
Grapher—Digital Display    
SPICE matrix export    
LabVIEW cosimulation    
Op-Amp Wizard  
555 Timer Wizard  
Filter Wizard  
Common Emitter Amplifier Wizard  
Switched mode power supply simulation models  
Automation API  
LabVIEW Multisim™ API Toolkit  
Loading Code Model from DLL  
XSpice command-line interface  
Virtual Instruments3 4 28 35
Interactive Simulation      
AC Sweep    
Single Frequency AC    
DC Operating Point    
DC Sweep    
Monte Carlo    
Parameter Sweep    
Pole Zero    
Temperature Sweep    
Trace Width    
Transfer Function    
Worst Case    
Noise Figure  
User Defined  

Ultiboard™ is printed circuit board design and layout software that integrates seamlessly with Multisim™ to accelerate PCB prototype development. You must purchase Ultiboard™ software separately.

Learn more about the instruments and analyses in Multisim™ Full and Power Pro Editions.