NI ELVIS III Accessories Bill of Materials


This article contains the bill of materials for the accessories and kits that can be purchased with NI ELVIS III. Below you will find tables covering various components, part numbers, manufacturing information and links to aid in integrating NI ELVIS Accessories into your course.


NI Measurements Kit

The Measurements kit for NI ELVIS includes the building blocks for sensor exploration and integration. Available complete with teaching resources that challenge students with measurements needs and requires them interpret desired signal characteristics to be measured and the steps needed to acquire an appropriate measurement. The Measurements kit for NI ELVIS is used to engage students throughout engineering in projects from fundamentals through a student’s own design which goes beyond the traditional classroom.





Link to Datasheet

10K ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%RES10YageoLink
2K ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%RES10YageoLink
4.7K ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%RES10YageoLink
100 ohm, carbon film 1/4W, 5%RES10YageoLink
470 ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%RES10StackpoleLink
330 ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%RES10StackpoleLink
1K ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%RES10StackpoleLink
3K ohm, 5%, 1/4W, Carbon FilmRES10StackpoleLink
1uF, ceramic, radial, 10%, 50V, X5RCAP5TDK CorpLink
3.3uF, ceramic, radial, 10%, 50V, X5RCAP5TDK CorpLink
4.7uF, ceramic, 10%, 50V, X5R, RadialCAP5TDK CorpLink
10uF, ceramic, 10%, 50V, X5R, RadialCAP5TDK CorpLink
10uF, ceramic, 10%, 50V, X5R, RadialCAP5TDK CorpLink
1N5231BMSCT,  Diode, zener 5.1V, 1/8WDIODE1MicrosemiLink
Diode, GP, 600V, 1A, AxialDIODE4Diodes IncLink
Diode, Zener, 3.3V, 500mW, DO35DIODE1On SemiLink
OpAmp, GP, 1.2MHz., 14-DIPIC1TILink
GP2Y0A21YK0F, IR range sensorSENSOR1Sharp MicroelecLink
Sensor, Vibration, THSENSOR1TE 
Load Cell, Mico Parallel BeamSENSOR1HT Sensor TechLink
Strain Gage, 350 Ohms, 0.6%SENSOR2Micro-MeasureLink
NTC Thermistor, 10K ohm, 5%, TH Disk, 5mmSENSOR1EpcosLink
Thermocouple Wire Kit, Type K, 1MKit1(blank) 
RTD Sensor, Platinum, PT100SENSOR1AdafruitLink
Sensor, Hall Effect, Analog w/Wire LeadsSENSOR1LittlefuseLink
Parts Box, 5"x8"PARTS BOX1(blank) 

TI Electronics Kit

The TI Electronics Kit is a set of components for circuit and electronics education provided by Texas Instruments which includes the building blocks of any introductory electronics laboratory with common passive components, various amplifiers, comparators, regulators, digital logic gates, timers, temperature sensors, data converters, wires, and more. The TI Electronics Kit is used to engage students throughout

DescriptionQuantityManufacturerManufacturer Part NumberLink to Datasheet
1.0K ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%5YageoCFR-25JB-1K0Link
10K ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%, Axial6YageoCFR-25JB-10KLink
470 ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%5YageoCFR-25JB-470RLink
2K ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%2YageoCFR-25JB-2K0Link
4.7K ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%5YageoCFR-25JB-4K7Link
100 ohm, carbon film 1/4W, 5%, Axial6YageoCFR-25JB-100RLink
2.2K ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%5YageoCFR-25JB-2K2Link
1.5K ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%5YageoCFR-25JB-1K5Link
10 ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%5YageoCFR-25JB-10RLink
47 ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%5YageoCFR-25JB-47RLink
100K ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%5YageoCFR-25JB-100KLink
1.1 ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%5YageoCFR-25JB-1R1Link
1.0M ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%5YageoCFR-25JB-1M0Link
68K ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%5YageoCFR-25JB-68KLink
470K ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%5YageoCFR-25JB-470KLink
47K ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%5YageoCFR-25JB-47KLink
20K ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%, Axial6YageoCFR-25JB-20KLink
68 ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%5YageoCFR-25JB-68RLink
22K ohm, carbon film, 1/4W 5%5YageoCFR-25JB-22KLink
200K ohm, carbon film 1/4W, 5%5YageoCFR-25JB-200KLink
3.3K ohm, carbon film 1/4W, 5%, Axial6YageoCFR-25JB-3K3Link
15K ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%5YageoCFR-25JB-15KLink
33K ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%5YageoCFR-25JB-33KLink
10K ohm, 15 turn, 3/4W2Bourns3006P-1-103LFLink
10 Mohm Resistor, axial, 1/4W, 5%5YageoCFR-25JB-10MLink
220 ohm, resistor, axial, 1/4W, 5%5KOA Speer ElectCF1/4CT52R221JLink
330 ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%5StackpoleCF14JT330RLink
1K ohm, carbon film, 1/4W, 5%4StackpoleCF14JT1K00Link
6.2 ohm, 5% 10W Wirewound1YageoSQP10AJB-6R2Link
10K ohm, %5 NTC 450mW, radial2Loyal MachineryLM05-103JLink
150 ohm, 5%, 1/4W, carbon film5Yageo AmericaCFR-25JB-52-150RLink
200 ohm, 5%, 1/4W, carbon film5YageoCFR-25JB-52-200RLink
5.6K ohm, 5%, 1/4W, carbon film5YageoCFR-25JB-52-5K6Link
680 ohm, 5%, 1/4W, carbon film5YageoCFR-25JB-52-680RLink
0.22 ohm, 5% 1/3W, flame proof, fusible, axial1Vishay/DaleNFR2500002207JR500Link
100K ohm, 15 turn, 3/4W5Bourns3006P-1-104LFLink
1K ohm, 15 turn, 3/4W5Bourns3006P-1-102LFLink
430 Ohm, 5%, 1/4W, Axial1StackpoleCF14JT430RLink
560 ohm, 5%, 1/4W, Axial1StackpoleCF14JT560RLink
3.9K Ohm, 5%, 1/4W, Axial1StackpoleCF14JT3K90Link
8.2K ohm, 5%, 1/4W, Axial1StackpolePCF14JT8K20Link
18K Ohm, 5%, 1/4W, Axial1StackpoleCF14JT18K0Link
39pF, ceramic, axial2BC ComponentsK390J15C0GF5TL2Link
0.047uF, ceramic, 10% 25V, radial2TDK CorporationFK18X5R1E224KLink
0.001uF, ceramic disc, radial2JamecoDC.001Link
0.01uF, ceramic disc, radial2(blank)(blank)Link
0.1uF, ceramic disc, radial2(blank)(blank)Link
100pF, ceramic disc, radial2(blank)(blank)Link
10uF, electrolytic, 50V, radial2JamecoR10/50Link
4.7uF, electrolytic, 50V, radial TT25D62(blank)(blank)Link
1uF, electrolytic, 50V, radial5TDK CorpFG28X5R1H105KRT06Link
0.0047uF, ceramic disc, radial2JamecoDC.0047Link
220uF, electrolytic, >25V, radial, TT35D81(blank)(blank)Link
47uF, electrolytic, 25V, radial, TT25D62(blank)(blank)Link
Trimmer cap, 10-150pFm 100V, TH1Sprague-GoodmanGZC15100Link
0.22uF, ceramic, 10% 25V, radial2TDK CorporationFK18X5R1E224KLink
22uF, electrlytic, 20% 25V, radial2Panasonic - ECGEEA-GA1E220HLink
470uF, electrlytic, 20% 25V, radial2Panasonic - ECGECA-1EM471BLink
2.2uF,  Ceramic, 10%, 10V, X7R1TDKFG28X7R1A225KRT06Link
2N3904, NPN, TO-923FAIRCHILD SEMIC2N3904Link
Orange/yellow, T 1-3/42(blank)(blank)N/A
Green, T 1-3/42Victory ElectVT5576.20Link
Red, T 1-3/4, with flange2(blank)(blank)N/A
PN3906, PNP, TO-923MAJOR BRANDS2N3906Link
1N4001, rectifier, 50PIV, 1A DO-414VISHAY INTERTEC1N4001Link
1N4735, zener, 6.2V, 1W1MAJOR BRANDS1N4735ALink
ZVN2110A, N-FET2Zetex IncZVN2110ALink
ZVP2110A, P-FET2Zetex IncZVP2110ALink
1N3064, signal1(blank)(blank)Link
QED123, IR Emitter, T 1-3/4, 880nm1FAIRCHILD OPTOEQED123Link
QSC114, IR Photo Trans, T1, 880nm1Victory ElectroOP T347Link
1N5231BMSCT,  Diode, zener 5.1V, 1/8W1Microsemi1N5231BMSCTLink
IRF510, N-Channel Mosfet, 100V 5.6A, TO-220AB1International RIRF510Link
1N914BTR, SS Hi Cond, 100V 200mA, DO-354FAIRCHILD SEMIC1N914BTRLink
STD815CP40, NPN/PNP 400V transistor pair, DIP81ST MicroSTD830CP40Link
STD840DN40, dual NPN 400V 4A transistor pair, DIP81ST MicroSTD840DN40Link
1N5819-T, 40V 1A schottky, DO411Diodes, Inc.1N5819-TLink
Transistor, Optoisolator, 5KVRMs, 1CH, DIP1EverlightEL-817(C)-FLink
Thyristor, SCR, 4A, 200V, TO225AA1LittlefuseC106BGLink
LM317T, variable regulator, TO-2203Texas InstrumenLM317KCSLink
SN74LS00N, quad NAND2, DIP141Texas InstrumenSN74LS00NLink
SN74LS02N, quad NOR2, DIP141Texas InstrumenSN74LS02NLink
SN74LS04N, hex INV, DIP141Texas InstrumenSN74LS04NLink
SN74LS08N, quad AND2, DIP141Texas InstrumenSN74LS08NLink
SN74LS32N, quad OR2, DIP141Texas InstrumenSN74LS32NLink
CD4511, 7 seg LED Decoder/Driver, DIP161Texas InstrumenCD4511BELink
CD4007UBE, dual comp w/ inverter, DIP141Texas InstrumenCD4007UBELink
SN74LS86AN quad 2-IN EX-OR gate DIP141Texas InstrumenSN74LS86ANLink
TL072CP, J-Fet op-amp, DIP81Texas InstrumenTL072CPLink
TL074C Quad J-Fet op-amp, DIP-141Texas InstrumenTL074CNLink
LF356N J-FET op-amp,  DIP-81Texas InstrumenLF356N/NOPBLink
LM741C GP op-amp,  DIP-81Texas InstrumenLM741CN/NOPBLink
INA217AIP, instrument op-amp,  DIP-81Texas InstrumenINA217AIPLink
LM311P, differential comparators, DIP-81Texas InstrumenLM311PLink
MC34063AP, switching regulator, DIP-81Texas InstrumenMC34063APLink
SN74LS10N, Triple NAND3, DIP-141Texas InstrumenSN74LS10NLink
SN74LS163N 4-bit counter, DIP161Texas InstrumenSN74LS163ANLink
SN74LS107AN Dual J-K FF, DIP141Texas InstrumenSN74LS107ANLink
SN74LS74N, Dual FF, DIP141Texas InstrumenSN74LS74ANLink
SN74LS138N, 3-8 decode/demux, DIP161Texas InstrumenSN74LS138NLink
SN74LS148N, 3-8 encoder, DIP161Texas InstrumenSN74LS148NLink
TLC555CP, timer, DIP81Texas InstrumenTLC555CPLink
LM2917N/NOPB, frequency to voltage converter, DIP141Texas InstrumenLM2917N/NOPBLink
ADS7816P, 12 Bit A/D converter, DIP81Texas InstrumenADS7816PLink
ADS7822P, 12-Bit A/D 200kHz Converter, DIP81Texas InstrumenADS7822PLink
TLV5616CP, 12-Bit D/A Converter, DIP81Texas InstrumenTLV5616CPLink
CD4066BE, Analog Switch Quad SPST1TICD4066BELink
TK4460-ND, FIXED 1000UH TYPE 8RHB1JW MillerRL622-102K-RCLink
RLB9012-332KL, 3300uH, HI Current, radial1BournsRLB9012-332KLLink
RLB9012-323KL, 33mH, 90mA, radial1BournsRLB9012-323KLLink
RLB9012-103KL, 10000uH, HI Current, radial1BournsRLB9012-103KLLink
AIAP-02-680-K, 68uH, 10% 1.5A, axial1AbraconAIAP-02-680-KLink
5K-20K ohm photocell, 4.20mm1Advanced PhotonPDV-P9203Link
Inductor, Fixed, 22mH, 40mA, 120 Ohm, Axial1EPCOSB82144A2226J000Link
Buzzer, 3.1KHz, 4-6V, Ext Drv, PCB Mount1Soberton IncGT-0950RP3Link
1 Pin MTE Cables, 5 Pack2(blank)(blank)N/A
70 piece, 22awg round tips1(blank)(blank)N/A
Screwdriver, green, 2.4mm flat tip blade1(blank)(blank)N/A


Mechanical Prototyping Accessories

This accessory kit comes with two different sized mechanical prototyping boards with tapped through-holes for assembling and prototyping mechanical assemblies. These two boards are placed on the default prototyping board that comes with NI ELVIS III. To replace, simply unscrew the center breadboards and screw in the mechanical prototyping accessory. See below for the dimensions of the two boards.


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