NI-DAQmx Base Example Locations in Windows, Linux or Mac OS X


This article explains where to find NI-DAQmx Base example programs for LabVIEW or C applications in Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.

Note: NI-DAQmx Base is compatible with macOS 10.14 and earlier versions and starting 2018, NI-DAQmx for Linux is included with the NI Linux Device Drivers. Please check compatibility for Windows, Linux, and macOS for supported versions of this driver. For more information, please read the End-of-Life Announcement for DAQmx Base Driver.



Examples of NI-DAQmx Base programs are installed with the NI-DAQmx Base driver software. The NI-DAQmx Base data acquisition driver should be used when using an operating system not supported by NI-DAQmx such as Linux or MacOS X, or when using a device only supported in NI-DAQmx Base. You can find the examples in the locations below:


  • C:\Program Files\National Instruments\<LabVIEW>\examples\daqmxbase
  • C:\Program Files\National Instruments\NI-DAQmx Base\Examples


  • /usr/local/natinst/<LabVIEW>/examples/daqmxbase
  • /usr/local/natinst/nidaqmxbase/examples/

Mac OS X

  • /Applications/National Instruments/<LabVIEW>/examples/daqmxbase
  • /Applications/National Instruments/NI-DAQmx Base/examples


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