Importing Orcad .DSN Files in NI Multisim


This tutorial explains how to import Orcad .DSN files in NI Multisim, and what can be imported.

Import Capabilities

NI Multisim has basic capability for importing OrCAD .DSN files. The following is the extent of the file import support. The support is limited to schematic capture designs only; no simulation models or data can or will be imported. However, if you would like to simulate an existing PSpice (or other) netlist within Multisim, please consult the technical article on Importing a SPICE Netlist for Simulation in NI Multisim.


What can be imported:

  • Schematic symbols
  • Wires/Nets
  • Ground and power sources
  • Bus lines
  • Junctions
  • Text
  • Title Blocks


What can't be imported:

  • Simulation models and parameters
  • Connectors (?)
  • Bus line inputs

Instructions for Importing an OrCAD .DSN Design

To import an OrCAD .DSN design:

  1. Select File > Open, and select the .DSN file to be imported
  2. When it asks for a .prt file, click Cancel
  3. You can either choose to import the components to your user database, or skip this step
  4. Verify the import, and replace any components/re-wire as necessary.


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