Device Testing with Digital Pattern Instruments

The Device Testing with Digital Pattern Instruments course enables Test and Validation Engineers to perform characterization and production test of semiconductor devices with digital pattern instruments. The course will focus on how digital pattern instruments and the Digital Pattern Editor can be leveraged to perform common device tests, with a focus on DUT communication, digital interface testing, and continuity and leakage testing. The course will guide the learner through the complete test workflow, from calibration and debugging to extending tests into a test executive.

Course Details:

Device Testing with Digital Pattern Instruments Outline

Lesson Overview Topics



Creating and Bursting Your First Pattern








Configuring a pin map, level sheet, timing sheet, and pattern file, bursting a digital pattern to the device under test (DUT).








  • PXI Digital Pattern Instruments

  • Key Features of Digital Pattern Instruments

  • Creating and Bursting a Digital Pattern








Creating Pin Maps








Creating pin maps in Digital Pattern Editor to define DUT connection sites.








  • Pin Map Overview

  • Creating and Editing Pin Maps





Creating Specifications Sheets








Storing values from the data sheet of DUT in specifications sheet variables. 








  • Specifications Sheets

  • Editing Specifications Sheets





Creating Pin Levels Sheets








Creating pin levels sheets to define the supply voltages, termination, and logic levels for the DUT.








  • Driving and Comparing Digital Data

  • Termination Modes

  • Pin Levels Sheet

  • Editing Pin Levels with Digital Pattern Editor  












Creating Timing Sheets












Creating timing sheets to define the timing characteristics of the interface with the DUT.








  • Timing Sheets

  • Drive Format

  • Drive Edges

  • Compare Strobe 

  • Editing Time Sets





Creating Pattern Files








Creating pattern files to communicate with and test the DUT.








  • Pattern Workflow

  • Converting Existing Working Files

  • Importing Source Files

  • Pattern Basics 

  • Pattern Data

  • Editing Patterns in Grid View

  • Pattern Waveform View

  • Loading and Bursting Patterns  



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