Test Code Module Development with STS Course Overview

The Test Code Module Development with STS Course will follow the typical customer workflow and milestones, which includes tight interaction with corresponding hardware. After completing this course, a test developer will be able to use Semiconductor Test System (STS) resources to develop and debug measurement code modules for STS test program, to create custom test steps, to perform test program optimization and deployment.

Course Details:

Test Code Module Development with STS Course Outline

Lesson Objective Topics
Developing Code Modules in LabVIEW Create basic code modules using LabVIEW.
  • Introduction

  • Navigating LabVIEW

  • Debugging a code module

  • Using loops 

  • Creating and leveraging data structures

  • Using decision-making structures

  • Developing reusable code

  • Race conditions

  • Performing measurements with hardware

Exploring Tester Resources Explore the TSM and Instrument APIs, learn how to use them in code modules, and how to find them in the programming environment.
  • Investigating different types of instruments

  • Programming the instruments of STS

  • Exploring TSM APIs

  • Exploring help files

Developing Test Code for an STS Create a code module using the basic APIs and code module programming flow.
  • Designing test code modules

  • Building tests from instrument code

  • Test code development considerations

Developing Test Programs Using the STS Software, control the device under test (DUT) and develop a complete test program to perform all required tests.
  • Communicating with a DUIT

  • Debugging

  • Performing inline QA testing

  • Setting and locking bin

  • Getting test information

Developing Multisite Test Programs for STS Investigate the batch process model and modify a test program for multisite execution.
  • Exploring the batch process model

  • Exploring multisite execution

Test Time Reduction Use the Test Execution Profiler, Test Program Performance Analyzer, and the Operator Interface. You will also benchmark a test program at various levels of detail.
  • Test time reduction tools and techniques

  • High-level test system benchmarking

  • Low-level test step benchmarking

Deploying Test Programs Deploy the complete test program and learn how to debug it after deployment using the TestStand Deployment Utility.
  • Using TestStand deployment utility

  • Debugging deployed programs

  • Using the LabVIEW run-time engine

  • Exploring the STS software version selector

Creating a Derivative Test Program Make a derivative test program avoiding common pitfalls using the complete test program.
  • Cloning the test program

  • Exploring LabVIEW project memory space

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