What Is the Semiconductor Device Control Add-On?

The Semiconductor Device Control Add-on for InstrumentStudio™ provides interactive device control capabilities that quickly scale to automated validation.

Explore the Semiconductor Device Control Add-On Features

The Semiconductor Device Control Add-on for InstrumentStudio is a software add-on that helps you perform interactive register read/write operations using standard digital protocols, such as I²C, SPI, or RFFE, or even custom protocols. You can save your InstrumentStudio projects or export setups for automated validation in LabVIEW, Python, .NET or TestStand. You can also use InstrumentStudio in parallel with automated applications to monitor and debug device control tasks in real time. The Semiconductor Device Control Add-on for InstrumentStudio works with the I²C/SPI Interface Device (USB) and the PXI Digital Pattern Instrument to help you execute tasks when performing interactive and automated semiconductor validation.

I2C or SPI Device Control

Interactively Configure Your Device Control

Perform device register read and write operations interactively alongside your instrumentation measurements.

Device Control Configuration Using I2C or SPI

Export Your Device Control Configuration to Code

Replicate device control configurations quickly in LabVIEW, .NET, or Python programming environments for automated device validation.

Automated Device Control for I2C or SPI

Monitor and Debug Automated Validation Systems

Monitor your register reads and writes and instrument settings while your validation code is running, or take control for interactive debugging.

What Can You Do With the Semiconductor Device Control Add-On?

You can use InstrumentStudio software to perform device register read/write operations using I²C/SPI or custom digital protocols alongside your instrumentation measurements for interactive device bring up and debugging. Then you can quickly transition from interactive to automated validation programs.

Configure, Interact With, and Debug Your Device

Import your device register map directly into InstrumentStudio software to interactively read/write to your device. Then, export your setup for use in automated validation programs, where you can continue to use InstrumentStudio software to monitor and debug your programs while they are running.

HOW TO BUY THE Semiconductor Device Control Add-On for InstrumentStudio

What Hardware Can I Use with the Device Control Add-On?

Use the Semiconductor Device Control Add-On for InstrumentStudio with USB-based I²C/SPI Interface Devices and the PXI Digital Pattern Instrument.

Connects to and communicates with devices using I²C, SMBus, and SPI protocols.

Performs characterization and production test of semiconductor devices with timing sets and per channel pin parametric measurement unit (PPMU). Compatible with I²C, SPI, RFFE, and other digital protocols.

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