Mechanical Systems and Structural Test

Two engineers wearing blue protective garments work on line replaceable units on a satellite in a lab

Expand Mechanical Test Capacity Faster

Two engineers wearing blue protective garments work on line replaceable units on a satellite in a lab

We are in the middle of a race to the stars. In a bid to win that race, mechanical and propulsion systems in aerospace are growing more complex. Whether we are testing new materials that have never been used, new propulsion systems that are breaking the norms, or decades-old structures and pumps, let’s design and deploy strain, pressure, temperature, vibration, and other sensor-based test systems faster together.

View of a commercial jet wing as seen from passenger seat


Static and Fatigue Structural Testing

Aircraft and space launch vehicles undergo extensive fatigue testing to prove that they can survive the stresses of flight before deployment. Because structural test and mechanical engineering teams must be confident that they can pass the months- or years-long tests, preliminary structural testing should gather enough information about possible failure points before fatigue testing begins.

Deploy Test Systems Faster

Use commercial off-the-shelf measurement tools that are designed with interoperability and flexibility in mind. Quickly customize measurement types, sensors, and channel formulas in hardware and software.

Access a High-Performance I/O

Get the highest performance instruments per price point on the market in a single platform with modular, mixed-signal hardware solutions while meeting the measurement needs of testing complex systems.

Reduce Wiring with Distributed I/O

Lower the cost and effort of installing instrumentation with distributed chassis while reducing noise and improving timing resolution for your test results.

Improve Efficiency

Give every member of your test and analysis teams remote access to necessary test assets and data so they can improve operational performance and gain a competitive edge.

PVI Systems

PVI Systems is a US-based partner for structural test that offers expertise in designing and delivering static and dynamic test systems with its Chameleon software. The company also provides installation and commissioning services.

An engineer from Soliton Technologies validates a mixed signal IC