NI InsightCM™ Enterprise 1.0.0 Patch Details

The InsightCM™ Enterprise 1.0.0f1 Patch is available for InsightCM Server, InsightCM Data Explorer, and InsightCM Condition Monitoring Systems.

This patch fixes the issues listed in the table below. National Instruments strongly recommends this patch for all InsightCM Enterprise installations.

Issues Fixed in InsightCM Enterprise 1.0.0f1

ID Product Description
512907 Condition Monitoring Systems Alarms improperly transition between states when on or off delays are configured.
511151 Server InsightCM tag aging service crashes and can cause other services to hang.
509735 Data Explorer Data Explorer Meta Data Pane Does Not Update Units for Waterfall Viewer.
502166 Data Explorer Data Explorer Error: "DataFinder query returned an error. This can be caused by malformed or invalid data files".

Fixes to the InsightCM Condition Monitoring Systems require a firmware update of all devices. Update the firmware version on configured devices to deploy the new firmware images. See Package Management in the InsightCM Server 1.0 Help for details on uploading new firmware and deploying it to devices.

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