Engaging and motivating students majoring in automatic control through hands-on control design experiments that provide instruction in controls and in engineering practices, and also help engineers from ...

Tampere University of Technology built a control system for handling remote operations and maintenance tasks for the ITER fusion reactor with millimeter precision.

CRRC Qingdao Sifang built a predictive maintenance solution to increase usable train time, while also helping to ensure operational safety at 350 km/h.

The Royal Dutch Navy used commercial off-the-shelf components such as NI PXI modules and the NI PMA-1115 portable monitor and keyboard accessory with the LabVIEW FPGA Module to interface to the dedicated ...

Valeo developed a system that reuses employee skillsets, software, and hardware to design and test automated parking systems while adapting to changing requirements.

Researchers developed a system for scanning electron microscope (SEM) control and built a .NET interoperability assembly to communicate with external applications

Researchers created a custom end-of-line functional and performance test system for a powertrain component with two independent test cells responsible for all systems.

Accelerating the development of autonomous air-to-air refuelling technology by creating a low-cost, full-scale, reliable, and safe sensor-in-the-loop robotic test environment that can interface with external ...

AIST built a nanoparticle analysis system requiring high-speed measurements and large-volume data processing while reducing development time.

INNOTMES developed INNO-MEDU100 for the digital healthcare industry, which offers efficient medical sensor functionality for researchers, professors, and students.

Researchers met their deadline and built a highly reliable ATE for irrigation system controllers, complex enough to emulate human behavior for accurate test results.

Green Mountain Research, Inc. created a high-performance, high-channel-count, network-distributed instrumentation suite or remote missile-seeker operation and testing.

Training new generations in the latest technologies relating to Smart Grids, Power Generation Systems and Electrical Protections in High Voltage Grids (Picture 1), Renowable Energies, Electrical Machines, ...

UNO-LUX NS d.o.o. developed a system for electroencephalogram (EEG) acquisition, analysis, and presentation, according to user-defined demands.

Mazda Motor Corporation built and automated a HILS system to both verify the logic and evaluate the robustness of electronic components operating cooperatively.

Argenta boosted the efficiency of elevated temperature test as part of standard test procedures for fuel metering units (FMUs) and electronic interface devices (EIDs).

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