INNOTEMS designed a software validation and verification process with the Pacemaker Test System and developed a software validation system for many medical devices.

The requirements for testing steering systems have increased enormously. Along with mechanical tests, highly dynamic tests of electrical steering systems on test benches are now common and are increasingly ...

Developing an online surface inspection system for hot conditions (above 1,000 °C) where lamination and rolling mill defects occur to reduce production cost through preventive maintenance.

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) developed engine diagnosis equipment through virtual verification based on the HIL system to help shorten development time.

INNOTMES developed INNO-MEDU100 for the digital healthcare industry, which offers efficient medical sensor functionality for researchers, professors, and students.

EDIBON developed a 3D physics system to study electric fields, magnetic fields, mechanics, acoustics, optics, and thermodynamics at both industrial and research levels.

Training new generations in the latest technologies relating to Smart Grids, Power Generation Systems and Electrical Protections in High Voltage Grids (Picture 1), Renowable Energies, Electrical Machines, ...

Training new generations in the field of process control engineering, both to study its principles and to identify the latest techniques and technologies applied at the industrial level.

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